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The Trash to Cashback (TTCB) Program is an incentivized segregation at source program that promotes proper waste management and sustainability by focusing on a grassroots level approach. We are able to reward participants, called Eco-Warriors, with Environmental Points (EP) and incentives from our partners upon exchanging recyclables such as paper, plastic, and metal, while glass can be exchanged for coin bank incentives. Designated drop-off points called My Basurero Eco-Community (MBE-C) Centers are strategically located in key cities in Metro Manila, Bacolod, and Cagayan de Oro in order to reach communities in need of proper waste management systems.

The program encourages individuals to properly segregate their waste and contributes to the compliance of RA 9003, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, RA 11898, the Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022, and other local ordinances related to waste management for cities, businesses, and communities. We aim to create a culture of waste segregation and recycling by instilling behavioral change, while also promoting environmental consciousness and stewardship.


Corporate Partners

The Trash to Cashback (TTCB) Program is made possible through our collaboration with partners from the public and private sector. With their support, we are able to promote our program in their own communities and communicate with their audience to join and play an active role in helping our cause. Currently, we have partners who help us close the loop through the following ways: recycling, hauling, waste retrieval, center setup, and providing of incentives.



Saving the Environment, while Helping the Community—One Recyclable at a time
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