Diageo Philippines launches its post-consumer glass collection pilot initiative in the Philippines in line with its Society 2030: Spirit of Progress ESG action plan and bold ambition to pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability.
TEM was developed for retailers in order to promote the proper collection and retrieval of PET bottles.
Tetra Pak’s UBC Retrieval Program is a sustainability initiative that aims to collect and recycle Used Beverage Cartons (UBCs) to reduce waste leakage and take action for the EPR law
One of the pioneer interdepartment competitions developed by Quezon City to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices within the employees and offices of the QC government.
One of the pioneer school-based competitions that engages students to practice proper waste management in their own homes by bringing these at their school
Lazada’s sustainability initiative aimed at plastic packaging waste retrieval by collecting and recycling single-use plastic packaging from online orders and taking action for the EPR law
One of the pioneer competitions powered by TTCB designed to encourage and incentivize proper segregation of recyclables within the office
Alaska’s waste retrieval initiative for sustainability which aims to collect and recycle Single-use Plastic (SUP) to reduce plastic waste leakage and take action for the EPR law
QC pioneered the Trash to Cashback Program in their own city by encouraging various barangays and QCitizens to take part in the cause.



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