We are grateful to you, our loyal Eco-Warriors, who have been continuously supporting our program from the start. Your role is significant in developing a circular economy because you make the first step towards sustainability a possibility. By segregating at home, we can easily collect your wastes by type through the My Basurero App, while recyclables can be exchanged at MBE-C Centers for Environmental Points (EP) and incentives.

The EP you’ve earned can be used to redeem the following:
1) Food, drinks, and more at bXTRA Partners
2) Lazada Gift Cards to shop online and pay bills
3) Grocery essentials via the Trash to Cashback Mart

Through your Trash to Cashback journey, you are able to help close the loop and give recyclables a new purpose. Start in your own surroundings and encourage others to join the cause today!



Saving the Environment, while Helping the Community—One Recyclable at a time
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