Champions of Change

We encourage businesses, barangays, building owners, and other groups to step up and do their part by starting their own eco-friendly initiatives focused on environmental sustainability within their local communities. TTCB is a ready-made program that can be incorporated into your own CSR efforts with the goal of incentivizing participants for their recyclables exchange.

By creating environmentally friendly challenges, we are able to motivate people to play an active role in protecting the environment through incentives while instilling behavioral change. These challenges may include collection drives, waste retrieval contests, and recycling programs in local businesses or schools. By leading by example and educating others, these individuals can inspire and motivate their community to take action towards a more sustainable future. Overall, their efforts can have a significant impact on reducing waste, conserving resources, and helping our planet.



Saving the Environment, while Helping the Community—One Recyclable at a time
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