Tindahan Extra Mile: Balik PET Bottle Program

Coca-Cola Philippines

Tindahan Extra Mile (TEM) is a World Without Waste program in partnership with Coca-Cola Philippines and BEST, Inc. paving the way for households to collect and recycle PET bottles and other recyclables through micro-retail stores empowerment.

What is TEM? A Waste Collection & Segregation at Source program for Sari Sari Stores, Carinderia owners and MSME’s, that promotes segregation of recyclable materials including but not limited to PET bottles of any brand and any sizes.

A Continuation of WEE 5 by STAR Legacy for Micro-Retailers . Continue to promote economic empowerment among micro-retailers (86% are women!) by exchanging recyclable materials for items that can be sold in the store, transitioning micro retailers into environmental champions of their own community.

Be a TEMiler today! Micro-retailers (owners or operators of sari-sari-sari stores or carinderia) are eligible to join the program in selected areas. TEM is powered by BEST Trash to Cashback & bXTRA that enables processing of enrolment to rewards

Retailers! You can join TEM in 3 easy steps!
  1. Enroll and Activate
    • Bring at least 1 kg of PET bottle and claim your TEM Card.
    • Using your mobile phone, access the TEM Facebook page, click like, and click “Sign Up” button to access the Trash to Cashback bXTRA website.
    • Register your TEM Card and claim your TEM Kit. YOU ARE NOW A TEMiler!
  2. Collect and Segregate
    • Start collecting PET bottles and other recyclables from your loyal suki.
    • Separate clear & clean PET bottles from labels and caps for higher points and bring them to the nearest Trash to Cashback (TTCB) Collection Hubs!
  3. Earn Rewards, Redeem, and Learn
    • Start redeeming products and items for you and your store through Trash to Cashback Collection Hubs or through Trash to Cashback Mart!
    • Recruit more retailers and earn Coca-Cola product rewards for every successful store referral.
    • Get access to TEM Solid Waste Management Training
Philippine Association of Store and Carinderia Owners (PASCO)
Exclusives For members of the Philippine Association of Stores and Carinderia Owners (PASCO) Convert environmental points (EP) to GCash for every 1,000 EP = Php1,000.00 GCash! Redeem Coca-Cola premium branded items.

  • TEM Card
  • TEM Banner (accreditation)
  • Window Poster
  • PET bottles collection bin
  • Other promotional items, e.g., foldable fan, facemask, shirt
TEM Activations
Quezon City
Pasig City
Muntinlupa City
Taguig City
Mandaluyong City
Pasay City
Makati City



Saving the Environment, while Helping the Community—One Recyclable at a time
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